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the short term for pretty could also mean buff, nice, fit, beautiful and other good looking things. usually used towards a girl
wow annie and dayla are looking so prits!
by the prits one May 12, 2010
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when someone is ugly

originated from longwood high school.
in new york.
jon: yo you see anna
mark: yea son, shes mad prit
jon: haha weakk
by mooookie June 02, 2009
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Word meaning ugly. Originated in Longwood School District. Derived from the word pritty meaning ugly in Ghetto-ese. To many, this word is extremely annoying and makes them want to drive rusty anchors under their fingernails. It is used in this context:
Person 1: "Yo, did you see dat guy de udda day?"
Person 2: "Wat guy you be talkin' about?"
Person 1: "Dat guy who be mad prit. He be tryin' to jerk an' he be so white!"
Person 2: "Oh yeah! He mad gay!"
by Conjoin November 21, 2009
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