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When you find a group of people (usually a race or nationality) attractive whom you would not normally due to the fact that they're the only show in town. Occurs primarily when you visit another continent, country, or perhaps neighborhood.
Ziad, who usually is not attracted to asians, suffered from prison syndrome during a trip to Hong Kong. He found himself unable control himself after ten days of seeing only chinky eyes and yellow skin.
by Yankee920 July 14, 2008
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A condition caused when your hottest co-worker appears to be much more attractive than she actually is - but only in an office setting. Sitting at her cubicle under the aritificial lighting she appears to be a 9, but out at a bar she bears a closer resemblance to grimace. Because you are a pod you eventually shag her, leading to uncomfortable staff meetings and mutual regret.
"Went to happy hour with co-workers and defiled the front desk girl; it was a total prison syndrome shag."

"At the last marketing conference I got blasted and harpooned my assistant. Damn prison syndrome - now I have to fire her before my wife finds out that I speared a carp."
by DirtyDfromDownUnder August 22, 2007
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