posh guy who cant sweat... or keep himself away from 17 year olds
guy 1 : wow its hot out here am sweating buckets
guy 2 : ye fuckin wish I was prince andrew
by oh hell November 18, 2019
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Prison Warder : We've got a couple of Prince Andrews on B-wing
by q o l September 21, 2019
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Rapist prince, molester, royal rapist. Also when you’re banging an underage girl and you get caught.
Dang they Prince Andrewed me for sleeping with that middle school girl.
by Jakeyyy666 September 8, 2020
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Guy 1: hey you heard about the PE teacher

Guy 2: yeah, he done a Prince andrew
by That lesbian bitch November 7, 2021
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A modernist approach to the Streisand Effect, in which when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of increasing awareness of that information.

Coined by the masses following British Royal Prince Andrew's request for all testimony in the Maxwell case to be kept secret.
The testimony from the Maxwell case will go public by virtue of the Prince Andrew Effect.
by Mobius_Stripper December 30, 2022
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Drawing attention to something you want hidden. Based on the Dec 30, 2021 request by Prince Andrew to have all witness testimony in his Jeffrey Epstein- and Ghislain Maxwell-related sex trial sealed.

The Prince Andrew Effect is a version of the Streisand Effect. (In 2003,Barbara Streisand tried to have a picture of her beach house removed from the Internet This had the unintended effect of drawing people's attention and raising the prominence of the photo on the web.)
The PRINCE ANDREW EFFECT is making everyone want look up the testimony from his sex trial.
by starsfan6878 December 31, 2022
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A male piercing of the vasdeferens and or epididymis. This piercing is extremely painful and not recommended.
Is sometimes confused with "The Henry the VIII" (piercing of the Taint)
My friend Dave is the only one I know brave enough to attempt the Prince Andrew. He still wears it proudly today, but no more briefs for him....only boxers.
by DMB4life June 26, 2007
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