To take an enormous amount of Selfie pictures and post them all on social network sites.
That person takes far too many selfie pictures, they're definitely a Warder.
by Knotty September 28, 2013
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A Prison Officer who subscribes to a hedonistic lifestyle. The Warder is particularly found in Northern Ireland. The warder is seen as a folk hero and possesses a status much akin to a demi-god. Much maligned in the sunday press, the warder is misunderstood. Although the warder can usually be found dodging work with a half completed crossword in certain circumstances he can act professionally for several minutes at at a time.
"The Warder loves an unattended female," "The warder loves a shebeen." "The warder loves a half day"
by yergirl May 3, 2010
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Wardere is a unique name. Just like the person who owns the name Wardere. He is a comedian and a ladies man ;) most of the time he plays Fornite. Or texts his crush. Wardere is a great person. Keep him close :):
Wardere is boss at Fornite.
Can't wardere and her just date already ?!
by Mariee_tmnt April 1, 2018
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no skill nubis who run in packs of leik eleventy billion
0F/\/\G d0oD Po$ @lb "warder zerg" l31k p\/\//\/d U
by heepo<373|-|@ssr4m April 1, 2004
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