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the action of smoking a pretzel. This can be used instead of weed, or to get away from cigarettes. It has no side effects what-so-ever, it will just make you look, and feel like your smoking. There is a certain way to do it:

1. Buy a lighter, and a bag of pretzel rods or sticks. It cant be the twisted one.

2. Bite off one end of the pretzel, this will be the side you will burn.
3. Treat pretzel like any other smoking substance, and smoke it the same way you would if it was a cigarette, cigar, or weed
4. Ash it after every few hits of the pretzel
5. Feel free to eat after smoking, but it may not taste good.

!WARNING!-It will leave the smell of a burning pretzel in the area you do it. Luckily, it is often mistaken as the smell of baking cookies.

Also can be used as a codeword for weed.

DO NOT try to put weed inside of a pretzel. It wont work
"Hey dude, you want to go pretzing later tonight? I just bought a bag of Rold Gold pretzel rods from the store."

"Sure man, but i already pretzed today. Just be careful, this is so ridiculously stupid that i dont want us to be caught."

later that night

" Dude, im pretzed out of my f-ing mind right now!"
"Thats just the pretzel salt talking. You feel no different than before"
by ItstheBGman August 07, 2009
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