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A deliciously crunchy stick-shaped salty Japanese snack food that comes is lots of flavors like Corn,Honey, and Pizza. Often eaten by Wapanese and Otaku as their food of choice at Anime Conventions.
"Hey, pass me some of those Pretz...and while your at it give me some of your Pocky too...Domo!
by J. Lanphear January 17, 2004
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Someone that has mastered the art of homocaveing his gay lover.

What is a homocave you ask? Well first, you need at least two men. After fucking one guy in the ass to stretch him out, the man inserts his fist into the ass of the other man. After fistfucking him for a while, he pulls out his hand which will leave a gaping hole known as the homocave.

There are many variations of the homocave, including the flooded homocave. After the homocave is created, a series of 10+ horny men will ejaculate into the gapage filling it up with semen. This usually leads to the famous homoshake which somelike like Pretz would eagerly do like the cum hungry slut he is.

After giving his lover a huge flooded homocave and drinking the homoshake out of it, Pretz enjoys squatting over the gaping homocave and shitting into it. This is known as the coal filled homocave. Finally, Pretz lays down while his lover flushes out the homocave onto Xazmit's face.
by Pretz February 16, 2005
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Involves a girl you really want to have sex with. You take her home, rip that bitches clothes off, take her legs and fold them in pretzel formation and just start pounding.
This bitch is about to get pretzed.
by Isaactheginger February 06, 2014
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(Noun) An uneducated young man with no ambition whatsoever. He is often referred to as a pathetic simpleton who does not understand the importance of knowledge.
"He failed his exams? Such a pretz."

"Keep on studying son. You don't want to grow up to be a pretz."

"That pretz is such an idiot."
by cramram September 26, 2013
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I'm a dick lick, ass fucking, penis jizzing homosalad fuck. I love to watch men have sex and wack my gorilla off. Then after i do that i love to suck a man's dick and toss his homofuck. I love to molest little boys cause im a little brit fuck. Hah homosalad 4 life.
kekekeekek bend your ass over ohnoes.. I have my 2 inch to shove in your ass. Then you can kill yourself.
by Dos March 05, 2005
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