a word that i, renee, created in either the beginning or middle of 6th grade and i have continuosly heard it from random people all over...stupid bitches. prettyful is MY word!!! (and it means sumthing very pretty or so full of prettyness....should only be used by ppl who find being called weird a compliment)
renee is so cool and prettyful
by renee June 25, 2003
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To be full pretty, slightly above average pretty but not beautiful.
Damn girl you looking prettyful today.
by Kirkeygirl August 21, 2016
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The term to describe something that is delicately lovely.

A cross between "Beautiful" & "Pretty"

The term commonly used by little people who's vocabulary isn't quite developed.
"Maria picked some flowers, they were very Prettyful."

"Wow! Donna, that dress is so Prettyful on you!"

"Mama, I think this picture of you is so Prettyful..."
by Hippiechic98 January 04, 2013
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