If a dude sends you this just know you’re pretty
Pretty girl day is for all the pretty girls who deserve it
by Luvcstamp May 12, 2022
Realizing you are obsessed with a specific pretty girl and should stop letting your bitch baby fears and past experiences lose you the opportunity to kiss her more than just one time.
But I had a pretty girl epiphany a while ago, and I’ve been playing it cool as a cucumber can be since.”
by Whambulance July 30, 2019
A girl who is usually very attractive, and dislikes this attention she gets for it- along with wondering why other people think she's pretty.
Yeah, Paige totally has a pretty girl complex, always so freaking humble.
by Jadeder March 8, 2015
When a cute, pretty or beautiful girl (or a girl that just has this mentality) tries to play games when it comes to dating. She could lie about something to hide the truth from you but mostly her insecurities will cause complications in your life to try and control you. She could also think that she's worth more than you and that her beauty is on a pedestal and doesn't think she needs a man.
Joe: Man, I've been on like five dates with her and I still haven't hit it yet.

Me: She's making you work for it.

Joe: I tried to ignore her but then she'll invite me over her place and cook for me. Each time I try to get close, she'll push me away.
Me: That's that pretty girl bullshit.
by SYM007 February 21, 2016
A narrative song from The Smiths that concludes in Morrissey losing hope of ever sustaining a relationship with a woman. Also the name of a band from Seattle, which formed almost two decades after that brilliant song was written.
Upon the sand, upon the bay

"There is a quick and easy way" you say

Before you illustrate

I'd rather state :

"I'm not the man you think I am

I'm not the man you think I am"

And Sorrow's native son

He will not smile for anyone

And Pretty Girls Make Graves


End of the pier, end of the bay

You tug my arm, and say : "Give in to lust,

Give up to lust, oh heaven knows we'll

Soon be dust ... "

Oh, I'm not the man you think I am

I'm not the man you think I am

And Sorrow's native son

He will not rise for anyone

And Pretty Girls Make Graves

Oh, really ?
Oh ...
by MeghDroeg May 18, 2010
when a girl is so attractive that she's used to getting attention from guys all the time. It causes her to never understand or appreciate genuine interaction with men and she finds herself surrounded by people who don't actually care about her. Meanwhile goodhearted men watch from a distance just wishing they had the opportunity to treat her right if only she just gave them the chance.
Mitch: I don't understand why Sydney is dating that asshole. She's so beautiful, she could get anyone she wanted
Aaron: She doesn't even realize it but she's got pretty girl syndrome
Mitch: I'll go tell her she's ugly!
by BriggsBriggs March 30, 2022
Girls with Pretty Girl Complex are CLEARLY hot, but oblivious to the hotness they exude to others. This results in many people getting confused as to how you feel about them (just friends?) since they are never aware of those who are attacted to them. Regardless of how this hot girl views herself, she never sees herself on the level others do. So unlike Pretty Girl Syndrome sufferers, this girl does not knowingly take advantage of others around them. This girl just thinks everyone is just being nice/normal...when in actuality their actions are directly influenced by her hotness. Informing a girl with PGC of her condition usually results in her shock and disbelief.
Ellen and James have been friends for 2 years. Ellen incorporates James into all her groups of friends. They eat lunch/dinner together frequently. They like a lot of the same things. He always seems to be available to her and Ellen loves to be social/hang. Then James confesses his love to Ellen and she is taken aback...thinking they were just "friends "and is confused as to what would make him think otherwise...all of which are symptoms of Pretty Girl Complex (PGC)..

janet jackson - a hot girl (deemed by many) dating jermaine dupri. Her obliviousness to her level of hotness shows early symptoms of Pretty Girl Complex (PGC).. what else would explain that pairing?
by Madame Skittle February 8, 2012