Girls that are usually quite attractive, but commonly shallow, wear clothes from Abercrombie, Hollister, Urban Outfitters, etc., are flirty but more likely then not they are actually very prude. A lot of preppy girls have blonde hair, (not all of them), small breasts, and seem to think that because of their faux "popularity" that they are better than everyone else. Are scared to admit any sexual things they might do in fear of being considered a slut and being shunned by her friends, even if they want to be sexually active. In the early teenage years will consider drinking/drugs to be uncool and for the losers, but some of them lighten up to that in the later teenage years.
Look at those hot preppy girls over by Hollister, man. I mean, I'd hit 'em but they are probably prude as fuck anyways. Damn conformists. Let's go back to Hot Topic and flirt with the fat ass gothic chick and talk about goat blood.
by Spiral Abraxis December 17, 2004
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These are girls without minds of their own. They usually wear mainstream clothing like Aeropostale, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, et cetera. They sometimes waste all their money at these stores buying the more expensive selections and getting outrageously priced cellphones. In turn, they diss people who have more clothes than them from better places who dress differently. Example: hot topic, express. They have small boobs, large egos, and very small brains. They make fun or belittle others outside the clique. They tend to do more screwing around and getting drunk as hell than worrying about grades, relationships, etc. They also tend to mess with you in groups, then when confronted they either: (1) Lie, (2) Say you're the hater, (3) Selectively remember what they want to, (4) Cry as if you did something (5) or, say that you started it. Don't get me wrong, some preps are nice when you get to know them, but most of them seem to share the same personality characteristics. The best way to get back at them, though is to be different and stand up for what you believe- even if you are the only one left standing, or say something back to them that hits home. The only people that will give this a thumbs-down are preps. Fuck off preps, get a life and get a mind... you are the true hater.
This happens to me a lot, along with my friends. Damn Preppy Girls.
by JustThereActivist May 01, 2010
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A preppy girl is someone that has class and not slutty at all. Some people have a vision that all preps are snobbing bitches who only hang around with other preps..which is not true in all cases. I myself being a "prep" am not at all snobby nor bitchy so people who are saying all preps are snobby and bitchy are very wrong in there views and need to re-evaluate there mind set on preppy people. Just because preps like to shop at places like abercrombie and hollister doesnt mean they only do it because everyone else does. i personaly like there clothing not just to be "cool" but to look nice and feel classy not scuby.
Preppy girls look classy no explanation needed :)
by chelseatougas16 July 29, 2006
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Sheep, followers of trendy fashion, music, and other people's opinions. Girls who don't have a voice of their own and have to be accepted by society in everyday life. Fakers, posers, closed minded individuals who can't accept indifference in another person.
Cheerleaders, Teenie Boppers, Prom Queens...
by Meagen January 21, 2004
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girls that can't stand to be different and also hate when someone else is. wear clothes by ambercrombie, hollister, roxy, ect. are complete and total bitches with small breasts. small brains and large egos.
preppy girls are backstabbers. ie:

prerry girl 1: Like OMG did u SEE what lola (preppy girl 3) wore yesterday

preppy girl 2: I KNOW it was soo 1920's totally disgusting.

Preppy girl 1: Just don't tell her i said that or she won't want to be friends anymore.

preppy girl 2: i totally swear.

preppy girl 2: *goes to preppy girl 3* k you'll never guess what bridget just said about you.

(preppy girl 3) OMG WHAT!!!!

preppy girl 2: she totally just dissed the outfit u wore yesterday.

preppy girl 3:NO WAY!!!!did you say anything with her?

preppy girl 2: NOOO! how could you even say that i'm ur friend? i gotta go byee! *walks away satisfied*

by football player chick September 01, 2008
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They like to look well put together. May wear jewelry, but not chunky and deffinantly not plastic jewelry. They like to come across classy. They also like all kinds of stores not just Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle but all kinds. Sometimes are quiet, but can be loud. They like to wear skirts and flip flops can be worn all year long not just in the warmer seasons. Pearls are an essential piece of jewelry. Mascara is an essential touch of make up even if they dont have any other make up they have to have mascara.
That preppy girl is always wearing pearls.
by Linzzzz January 20, 2008
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Girls that love to gossip and can not be trusted. Hell, they even turn on there own friends. They can't think for themselves, follow the crowd of other preppy girls, and care a lot about what other people think of them and thus base how they act upon that. They do not make good for long term relationships, because their "love" for things comes and goes with public opinion. They are decieving when it comes to sex. They seem real fun to fuck, but after that 5 min joy ride the whole school will know and you'll have more girls hating you for "hurting" their "friend" then anything.
by James September 20, 2003
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