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A classy girl who, contrary to popular belief, prefers Lilly Pulitzer to Hollister and Abercrombie. Also likes J. Crew, Polo, Vineyard Vines, LL Bean, Brooks Brothers and Vera Bradley. She has more refined tastes than tight tops and jeans from A & F. Impeccably groomed, but with natural looking makeup (i.e. Clinique), well-mannered, and upper middle class to upper class. Hair is straight, clean, and it's natural color with perhaps some highlights in the summer or lowlights in the winter. Does not succumb to trends.
Clara found Maddy's "preppy" look quite amusing. Maddy was clad in tight Abercrombie skinny jeans and an turquoise American Eagle striped polo as opposed to Clara's khaki Brooks Brothers skirt and a pink Vineyard Vines oxford. Maddy would never be a true preppy girl.
by AnonymouslyGrace January 09, 2010

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