3 definitions by MaMa B

A neighbourhood or place where greasy and ratchet people all converge. Crack heads, drunken teenagers, drag racers, and kids who linger around the McDicks that is open until midnight or later. Be wary when entering one of these. You may accidentally get sucked into its wormhole of greasiness.
Example #1

Boy: I hate Lynn Valley.

Girl: I love that grease trap #YOLOSWERVE.

Example #2

Girl: Doin' lines at Stacy's.

Boy: No! You can't do lines at that grease trap! Nobody has a hundie there!
by MaMa B April 15, 2014
Absolutely unacceptable to the s.o.b. who likes saying these big ass words
Brittany always beats my ass severely in bomberman. That shits just preposterous..propos..preopst...possum! ..bitch
by MaMa B January 12, 2015