Any period of time sufficient for preparing for combat, or any situation, including but not limited to the activities of surveying the area; making note of anything capable of being used as a weapon; setting up diversions or surprises; making a plan for exploiting any and all of the opponent(s)'s weaknesses; clearing the area of children, old ladies, war veterans, etc. who might prove an unfortunate distraction, and so on. Often used for the sake of discussion in the case of Batman, particularly through matching him against various other fictional characters, be they hero or villain, Marvel or DC, Alien or Predator, Garrus or Wrex, within the media of film, tv, video games, novels, music, short stories, poetry, tall tales, urban legend, or ethnocultural myth. It is a commonly-held assertion that, in the absence of prep time, Batman would find himself on the losing side of many an engagement, particularly if his opponent was endowed with superpowers, magical abilities, or highly-advanced technology. Thus, many a frequenter of online discussion forums, more often if they are a fan of a fictional character OTHER than Batman, has thought it necessary/amusing to post a topic asking other frequenters of said forum whether they believed Batman might lose to a given opponent in martial confrontation if he had no time to prepare for that encounter. This is, of course, an improperly conceived question, because there is always prep time when you're the goddamn Batman.
Do you think that Batman can win against the Avengers with no prep time?

by ginnov January 24, 2012
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time Batman uses to prepare for any given situation. due to his extensive knowledge of the universe, he can therefore prepare for and win any fight he engages in
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
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the use of time to prepare for any event. Most notably by Batman, Dr Doom and whoever is currently being obsesseved over by the homos at SRK
Prep time is for cum dumpsters like Macguyver and Jack Bauer. Doom never loses
by asdf November 19, 2003
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Time between rounds in a debate where one may either prepare for the next Speech, Cross-Fire, or call for evidence. Prep time for rounds ranges from 2 to 8 minutes in length.
Opponent: "...Therefore, we urge a Con ballot."
You: "We'll be taking Prep time."
Judge: "You have 1 and 30 seconds."
Partner: "No we dont need it."
*Goes up and gives amazing Speech*
by PETERtheGREAT22 February 20, 2013
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