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Used by idiots who do not know the real phrase is prima donna.
There's no waiting for correct lighting or pre-Madonna stars and special effects are the wildest and cheapest possible.
by Trench January 04, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Misspelling of the words "Prima donna"
Usually from a result of being confused with the singer Madonna and how well she fits the meaning of the term.
Donna "jeez look at that little tart, she's such a pre madonna"
Sam "You mean 'prima donna', she's not a singer"
Donna "But doesn't the term come FROM the singer?"
Sam (Shakes head)
by Randomuniquename April 27, 2007
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A woman who thinks her shit doesn't stink. One that thinks she's above all else. Generally the woman is a bitch that tries to control everything and everybody; most assuredly any male that is unfortunate enough to hook up with the bitch. They must be the center of attention, are extremely jealous of their mates friends and will go to all ends to sabatogue any good friendship that they may have. They tend to think they are "hot" (in their own mind) when in fact they are nothing more than average looking, wearing too much make-up, fake tits, store bought fingernails and gaudy clothes.
I feel sorry for Andy because, whether he knows it or not, his wife Cheryl is a premadonna.

Carlton's wife is a premadonna and has him by the balls.

Claire thinks she's a premadonna but is nothing more than a Beverly Hillbilly.
by NCKnobster April 03, 2011
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An individual who focuses more on the prestige and admiration of onlookers rather than the art itself. Wanting to wear the black belt above having an actual love of the martial art. Desiring to be a ballerina or a beautiful singer or an amazing gymnast, handed bouquets, in the spot light and wishing for that same admiration she has seen other artists receive without appreciation or an understanding of the work and self sacrifice that it took to get there.
After America watched the women’s gymnastics team win Olympic gold in heroic fashion, gymnastics clubs around the nation became temporarily filled with PreMadonna children, inspired by such a feat.
by SiberianDoronzo July 17, 2019
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1. a vain and tempermental person.
2. A drama queen
3. a distinguished female operatic singer/star
4. a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
5. A wanna-be diva
psh look at that stupid pre madonna walking over there she thinks people actually give a shit to her.
by volibolking August 10, 2006
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Describing any big-time singers that lost their huge star status after Madonna became queen of the music world.
"Pre Madonna, Sonny and Cher were absolutely huge."
by jadefyres-freedom September 20, 2008
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