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To describe a chik that has a mad body, but a bad face.
it comes from when you eat a prawn, you eat the body and throw away the head.... (australian)
person 1: man, did u end up hookin up with that chik?
person 2: yeah, but she was a bit of a prawn tho
by skip June 18, 2004
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A derogatory term used for aliens, or non-humans, specifically in the 2009 film District 9.
"...we try to engage with the prawn on behalf of MNU and on behalf of humans."

"The aliens, prawns, they take my wife away."
by punch145 August 16, 2009
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a person with a hot bod but isnt that pleasant to the eye- Keep the body, throw away the head
examply above {Keep the body, throw away the head}
by lil miss vixen April 21, 2005
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(australian) a male or female with an ugly head but a tasty body.
Q: So how did you go last night with the surf lifesaver?
A: Ummm, he was a bit of a prawn, but I turned off the lights, so it was sweet.
by kimmibee January 13, 2007
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A Prawn Is Someone who has been on Meth Pushing A basket down the street or riding a Bike with no shirt . Only to be found IN Arizona Particular IN Apache Junction IN Mid summer when Temperatures can reach a scorching 118 degrees . A cross Between a Redneck ,Street Person Meth Addict and Cowboy

There are also Games with prawns that can be played (Game Of Prawns ) This is when a group attempts to locate and document the best prawns on photo in there natural environment
Hey Did you see that guy in the Leather Vest and jean shorts riding his bike Down Apache Trail looking for some smokes .... Yeah he is a real Prawn
by Prawn Hunter 1 April 09, 2014
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to describe a (usually)chinese guy who looks very cute from a distance on the beach but a right minger close up. often found in Hong Kong.

also known as BOBFOC
celebrity example- any cantopop singer. take your pick.
'See that guy on the beach at south bay? Looks good from a distance but what a bloody prawn close up!'
by tadge72 April 24, 2010
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