A butt that is small compared to the average version, as most butts weight 0.5lbs
by l-dog** April 30, 2019
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The largest most massive single turd imaginable, along the size and shape of a very big fish. Its so big, it sticks out of the water.
Dang it Bob, you left a five pound trout in the toilet without flushing it down. If you want everyone to see your masterpieces, send them to the Louvre!
by IFSATG March 27, 2021
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'Pounding the hot pot' - A term given to a frustrated male that no longer has the capacity to control ones sexual compulsions. A process whereby all rationale and prior human decency are replaced by primordial carnal insanity. This is resolved via the acquisition of inanimate objects which are exploited for one or more forms of copulatory exertions.
As far as i know Jim had never been with a girl before. Some say it was because he was shy, but the truth was that he was absolutely hideous. This saw him 'pounding the hot pot' on a sickeningly frequent basis.
by cardboardboxer August 24, 2019
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A midwestern expression commonly employed by particularly sexually aggressive, domineering women who seek to engage in copulation with a male counterpart.

See also: Pound a Jimmy, pound Jimmy, Pound his jimmies, no Jimmy left unpounded.
See that guy over there with the gold glasses? You better bet i'm gonna pound his Jimmies tonight.
by Gigi VT May 3, 2019
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Used to define extremely hardcore sex, usually so hardcore it leads to tears. The term can only be used from male perspective.
Person: That chick is really fucking hot. I wish I could pound her.
by Noelzionismus October 8, 2021
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Damn that girl t h i c c af! I'm finna pound her!
by Yung Bukkake April 24, 2019
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beat the living crap out of somebody without weapons
im guna pound some faggets today
by damnwellknomeh April 13, 2011
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