Thomas Pound plays games every lesson and he has a seven head and he is irrelevant he always says ‘ it is like’
You are acting like Thomas Pound
by I like white vans🚐 January 20, 2020
To beat someone senseless or until they piss themself

Commonly used as a Threat or Description

In the same vein as "beat the shit out of You"
Dude 1. "I'm going to rock your shit"

Dude 2. "Oh ya I'm going to pound the piss out of you"
by Jcool8701 February 9, 2023
For one to have intercourse with a third-wheel.
John should have a sweet night, said he'd even have a go at pounding the flounder! Prim 👌
by TheFlameBurnsWickr February 24, 2016
When you jump off the corner of your bed, shit in mid air then land ass first on your significant others face when they are laying on the floor.
I totally gave your step mom the pound cake last night!
by MAX POWER187 February 24, 2020
Referring to a man who crushes Jeeters with his 12 pounder.

Someone who can talk anyone out of their stash or their pants without trying.
by Damage157 October 11, 2022