The word potato is often used to infer laziness as in the case of a "couch potato".

This is derogatory towards potatoes and like many minority groups there is now an effort to change the meaning of "potato" in order to prevent offending potatoes it has been decided that instead of using it to imply laziness it should imply activeness or hard work.
Be a good potato and run a mile
Act more like a potato and get a job
Get off your ass and be a potato
Save the world, be a potato
by Poi-purple_paste February 12, 2017
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Most beautiful thing on the planet... and can save lives
person 1: I think im dying
potato: eat me i'll save you
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by Sush adush November 05, 2018
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A potato is the greatest most beautiful person in the world!!

Has great sense of humor and they are comedy gold!!!! They are swag and there nerds! They do what ever they want..sometimes and last but never least

Omg potato
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by Jjjjjjjhjjjdhhdhdj February 10, 2018
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Someone named potato is the most powerful being in the universe and can destroy entire galaxies with just a thought.
You do not want to mess with a potato. You will most likely be killed.
Man, i'm kind of scared of that Potato dude, i heard he kills anyone who puts pineapple on pizza.
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by A different random guy October 27, 2018
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Typically a conservative suburban/ rural white person that has lived in the same area their whole life. They usually detest urban or foreign cultural influences & people, and is content to remain uncultured and believes their surrounding area is "the REAL America". A derogatory way to say someone is closed minded and uncultured, especially to white rural/ suburban conservatives who vote against their own economic and social interests.
My Aunt Beatrice is a damn Potato, I hate seeing her at holidays, she keeps ranting about #BLM and I don't think she knows any black people in her BFE town.
by Nivekian13 December 09, 2016
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