When having doggystyle intercourse with a female, you attempt to insert your meat rod into her dirtbox, and she replies "Eeeeuuuu Eeeuuu" or the noise similar to a porpoise makes
My roomates thought i had started an aquarium in my room yesterday but it was just my girlfriend doing a little porpoise action
by JayHoff April 6, 2006
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An animal of supreme beauty and power: the porpoise is a sign of great wisdom and well-being in ancient Chinese mythology
by Logangstee November 12, 2018
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A name for a person who does noes fit in with others. Name taken from how a porpoise is a mammal who lives amonf fish in the ocean.
Meghan's such a porpoise. She doesn't fit in with anyone.
by Gray Finney April 11, 2007
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Ultimate Frisbee term used to describe a woman on the team stripping down to nothing, putting a frisbee between her breasts, and being carried about by four other players who are themselves sometimes topless. Usually done at social gatherings or during tournaments. The female version of the landshark.
He had no qualms about letting her use his brand new disc for the porpoise.
by Libby March 4, 2005
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When a man is fucking a woman doggystyle and "accidentally" slips his penis into the woman's anus, and she responds by turning her head around, arching her back, and making a sound similar to a dolphin or porpoise - "eeee! eeee!"
Dude, last night I tried to slip it in Katie's ass, and she totally started porpoising - it was hilarious.
by GangstaPornBitch February 9, 2008
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While banging a chick mercenary-style, lift her legs so that her knees are at her armpits. With your cock still inside her, shove your ball(s) in her ass.
Shelly is still reeling from riding the porpoise last night.
by Chuck690 March 10, 2006
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