Not to be confused with a beginner, a poser is that kid at the skate park that sits on every obstacle with a skateboard but never rides it and then says that he tre flipped a 7 stair
skater: hey man look at this clip.
Poser: that's cool but I dolphin flipped that same 12 stair
by not chandler September 17, 2020
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someone who can't think up their own shit. posers should die. aka fucking idiot.
by bread infection November 25, 2009
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a so called celebrity from the philippines who says money they got lots yet they embezzle

a napoleonic celebrity who says he so flush he gon buy yacths yet if u pull.up to his house the guard makes abundantly clear the house aint his yet he talking loud bout buying yachts! fuck off ogie alcasid, poser!
ogie alcasid is a poser; he dont even own his home yet talks like he can buy a yacht! he is an embezling poser clown Napoleonic midget!
by noateneochiklmays June 14, 2017
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Other wise known as wannabe. Someone who either A: tries to fit in and fails miserably. B: Someone who tries to be different and fails miserably. C: Someone who does both and fails miserably. This is the typically poser.

Type One (The Faux Gansta)

Sags his jeans incredibly low.

Brags about how many "bitches" he has fucked.
Talks about how gansta he is although the only rap the poser guys listen to is lil wayne.

Cusses 7 times in one sentence

Completely disrespects everyone around him OR kisses everyone's ass as a desperate attempt to get people to like him
Makes up stories about getting high and fighting
Lives in a suburb or high class neighborhood but talks about how tough it is
Type 2 (Emo Poser):
Talks about how tough life is
Claims to write poetry and deep music but really doesn't

Has tons of eyeliner and/or eyeshadow

Talks about "haters" constantly
Gets into fights on facebook constantly
Is a self-proclaimed tomboy, emo, skater girl when she is in fact a girly-girl
Talks about how hard life is after their boyfriend of 1 day breaks up with them
Has a Failed Scene Haircut
Wears gobs of makeup
Is obsessed with the most popular music at the time

Well those are the basics. For a perfect example of a girl poser look up jessi slaughter.
*Non-poser Signs In On IM*

EMOhottie651: I'm relly depressed. Lyke my mom wouldn't let me have the new CD, OMG, what a bitch!

NonPoser: Well for one emos would never say that they are emo and you are not depressed just having a whiny temper tantrum. GTFO.
by Courtney678 July 08, 2011
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Someone who acts just to keep up with a stereotype, and later instead of recognizing it, (Yes they're in denial) they tend to call others who aren't even close to a poser a 'Poser'. Pretty much, someone who believes they qualify for that certain label, but can't pull it off.
"Man, I'm Scene!" "Um, no, coon tail clip-ons and a BMTH shirt is not Scene, shut the fuck up, you Poser."
by underjam7 May 15, 2010
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