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The deletion of lots of excess and unused porn from the hard drive when you run low on memory.
I needed the new NSync album, but my hard drive is small so I had to commit a pornocaust to make way.
by Marksism October 03, 2006
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The making of softcore and hardcore porn photos and videos on locations related to the extermination of european jews during Nazi times like former concentration and extermination camps or memorial sites.
He had a lot of fun watching a pornocaust movie last night.
by Gigi magazine November 30, 2006
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Ditlieb Felderer who is the originator of that word used it in his satirical leaflets to depict the hysterical mass propaganda of Holocaust. By joining the Greek words, porno, and caust, he reminded the public that Holocaust was an ancient Greek, sex festival, in which cult's main ritual was the movement of the penis going up into an erection, the OLAH movement of the Old Testament.
Go to: for the origin of the word PORNOCAUST and its corollary, CAUST. The historical origin of the word PORNOCAUST started when Ditlieb Felderer spread in the millions flyers using that title. In l995 the Swedish Government sought to prohibit the word, putting the originator of the word in prison and torture. The main original place for the spread of the word PORNOCAUST was Germany where leaflets were spread underground with captions as: LES PORNOCAUST! LASS PORNOCAUST SCHWINGEN IHR ZU HOLOCAUST-EKSTASE! Some of the material can be seen at:, and other places.
by Spinoza1 May 14, 2008
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