"Don't be telling me porky pies!" which, translated, means "Don't tell me lies!!"
by Debs September 15, 2005
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Porkie pies is slang for telling lies, not to be mistaken for mince pie which means eye.
'No way really jonny you'd better not be telling me porkie pies you fat son of a bitch'.
by jackb.nufc12345 March 16, 2011
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When your mate tells you he was about to play for Man U the other day but he broke his leg.This phrase was glorified in Big shaq new hit single(chicken shop freestyle).Commonly used by white 50 year old teachers when they catch you running in the corridor.
"I couldve signed for Man U the other day but broke my leg its a mad ting"

"Wow such a shame"

"Porky Pies mate you couldn't play ball if your life depended on it"
by BUndaatingsukno January 18, 2021
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