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Slapping another person usually a women across the face with your penis.
Shit , she just got pork slapped so hard it left a mark! That bruise won't go away for a while.
by albino sexxor March 19, 2004
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It is the sound made from balls slapping against a fat chicks ass when fucking her doggy style. It is also known for being a delicious farmhouse pale ale.
Dude, Roger was drunk as fuck last night and all I heard was porkslaps coming from his room.
by fanny bandit boneduce June 08, 2009
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Two men slap their flaccid penises together. The person who achieves an erection first wins. He then gets to pork the other guy in the butt.
Greg and James had a pork slap earlier. Greg won, and James is sore.
by Doner Kebab July 01, 2009
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A male ranging in age between 16-65. Characterized by their white trash behavior, dress, mannerisms, or interests (primarily musical). Generally the subject in question will be wearing a band shirt and tattered clothing, have band, tribal, flames, skulls or other bad tattoos, poorly kept hair and teeth. They can be found unwashed and roaming the mall and outlying areas along the bus route in packs of 2-5 "slaps", possibly with an accompanying female ,referred to as a "Giblet", also possibly with offspring known as "Kidneys".

Primarily these lost emotionally stunted individuals will posses a near fervent love of ICP, Nickelback, Slipknot or any "New Metal" types of music, they will attend these shows with an almost religious bent, looking to commune with others of their species, to fulfill a cultural sharing and acceptance that they otherwise be unable to find in the real world.

The most simple, efficient, and safe manor of determining whether or not an individual indeed be a Porkslap is to call out to them from the window of a moving vehicle in the style of the traditional Porkslap salutation (ie. "Yo, Porkslap!?" if they respond either by waving, grunting, eye contact, or any acknowledgement at all, then yes they are indeed a Porkslap.
Friend 1: "Did you see the loser working down at blockbuster?"

Friend 2:"You mean the one with the hatchet man tattoo down the entire left side of his face?"

Friend 1:"Yeah! what a Fucking Porkslap!"
by Xkane99 November 18, 2011
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A full porkslap is when two people drop their pants and sandwich another person by slapping them with their bare bottoms simultaneously.
Mark and Cole porkslapped Matt by hitting him in the head with their bare asses at the same time.
by JC Rinck February 24, 2008
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From "Pork Slap Ale", the Porkslap award is awarded to someone who fucks a fat chick. It consists of a six pack of Pork Slap ale, filled with cement, mounted on a wooden plaque.
If the porkslap award was around at the time, Jerm would have won it for fucking Bacon.
by TKE_XY October 29, 2006
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