Someone who is liked by many and/or smart and/or sporty. Popular people like to dress with the day, being new and modern.
Despite regular superstitions, there is not usually only one group. There are many.
They are not sluts or the first to lose their virginity in school. They don't say the word 'like' every other word. Most are average to smart and mostly enjoy everybody's presence except people who feel they are 'targeted' and are unfair to them.

Movies such as Mean Girls are untrue and stupid. They portray popular people as stupid, slutty, bitches who always diss other people who are 'fat' or 'nerdy'.

In conclusion, popular people can sometimes be mean. But don't you go around saying "OmG TH3Y aRe lIEk CALlIng Me PhAt!!!1!!!111 leTS H@+3 tEHM 4EvER!!!11!11one"
Person 1: Oh, I love Anne!
Person 2: I dunno, shes a popular...
Person 1:...*sigh* And have you ever, I dont know, met Anne?
Person 2: No...
Anne: Hey guys! What to hang out after school with some of my buddies?
Person 2: No way! Ur liek a popular!!11!one
Person 2: Whatever. Im going cuz shes unbeleiveably nice and smart and funny. Cya.
by Aztec the popular January 15, 2009
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Disgusting people who end up being the scum of society with age. They think they're invincible until they grow up and you get to fire their ass and send them back to their trailer parks to be evicted shortly after.
Retard Jock: "omg i'm so popular i like basketball, cars, and rap music and that's what everyone else should like or else they're fucking geeks omg"
by ArchDevil July 26, 2004
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A word whose roots are shared with population, populous, populace, which all refer to people. Popular directly means to be with or of the people; to be liked by many people. This meaning seems to have been twisted by the media and cultural overtones, and is now used commonly as a sort of derogatory adjective. This usage seems to be linked to our own self-conciousness; of our question of our own "popularity." Do people like me? The idea that we are not liked, which from one time or another is thought by all people, puts a negative connotation over this word. Whatever we desire, but cannot have, we hate. When we put a negative connation on the word, it then must be justified. The pure fact that we aren't what the word is and therefore dislike it is not enough for our complicated, social minds. We justify the word's negative connotation and our own belief in our lack of its presence in us - our own unpopularity - by adding negative concepts to its meaning. 1) That popular people are snobby, rich, cruel, apathetic, prideful and many other things that we are not - that we don't want to be. But really all popular, by its Latin roots, means is liked by people. 2)Therefore, we are all popular, we are all liked by at least one person, and most of us are liked by many, more than we sometimes realize.
1) Ugh! Look at that bitchy snob! "I'm captain of the cheerleading squad." I wish that popular whore would go to hell!

1 A) Person 1 - I'm such a loser, nobody likes me... (sob)
Person 2 - Are you serious? You are the most popular girl I know! You are so nice and friendly, you are a sweetheart to everyone, even when other people are mean. People adore you.
Person 1 - You really think so?
Person 2 - Of course! Besides, your my best-friend, so your definitely not a loser in my books! :)
Person 1 - :)

by Dictionaree October 29, 2005
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Popular people are the unofficial 'leaders' of the school. Believe that sports, charisma, sex appeal, popular etc will carry them through college and life in general. Often end up in checkout, cleaning, bagging groceries etc.
Popular Jock 1:Get out of my way you nerd!
Popular Jock 2:Yeah you're such a freak!
Popular Cheerleader:I'll Say!

5 years later...

Jock 1:Do you want you groceries in bags?
Me:Don't I know you from somewhere?
Jock 1:No...
by Chaoticar May 05, 2006
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Alrite, first off I totally do not mean to completely offend people. Maybe a bit, but not completely.

So here's the deal, popular kids aren't as the majority of people here are describing. We ain't total bitches who spit on others. Yes, we do like to dress nice and spend lots of money on pretty things... but everyone has different fashion styles. This is ours. It ain't our fault that we're pretty and would rather dress the way we do instead of dressing like goths and such.

I seriously don't freaking see the problem in showing off our body and face. I don't see what's so appealing in letting your faces grow... those red gross things on it, that's why we take such good care about ourselves and go to spas and such. If you don't care about having your pores clogged, blackheads appearing on your face, red things everywhere and greasy skin/hair... then whatever. It's your problem and we ain't being total bitches just cause we do care. It ain't like I'm going to school in a bra and screaming "touch me!".

All the pops. are pretty, care about their image and love fashion. Some are snobby and shallow (me, for example). But that's all the bad things about us I can think of. So like, seriously try and get to know us first before you start bitchin. Instead all I'm seeing are people who watch us from distances and thinking messed.
Popular chick 1- babe, there's a dance coming up! let's hit the mall for a few hours, then go to the hair salon and spa!
by shawtie babe September 12, 2005
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OKAY! lets clear a few things up first--
I AM NOT STEREYOTYPING! I know what popular people are like, being ridiculed by them FOR MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE!
They strut around like they fucking own the place when they;re far from it, they treat people like me && my friends like shit when we try to avoid them, && they delibrately make us feel down because of their "perfect boddies"!
In class we hear what the popular people did on the weekend && it consists of this-
Omg! I took it to 3rd with that totally hawwt guy i've been liking for, like, a week!


hey did you see those photos I have of ********* of my phone? she's givving head to some guy!

you dont think this is slutty?! I beg to dream && differ, whores, POPULAR PEOPLE ARE FUCKING SLUTS WHO STAB EACH OTHER IN THE BACK!
POPULAR SLUT- omg I like totally love my new bf!!
me- didnt you have a boyfriend last week?
her- um, yeah, he wasnt putting out.
me- what the fuck.
her- well you dont really think that our relationship would be kept emotional now do you?

*this actually happened*
by Morreh Cool September 28, 2006
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cool, like a stud
"Who's that Marc kid surrounded by all the chicks? "
"Oh he's popular"
by Darth Blaise January 08, 2015
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