guy who is always forgotten about
guy 1:hi guy 2!
guy 2:hi guy 1!
guy 3:what about me?
guy 4:*ceases to exist due to loneliness*
by go commit deathpacito December 7, 2018
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There are four guys in the world who are into any given sexual act, no matter how bizarre. Compare to Rule 34 of the internet, but for interests instead.
Too bad you're not one of the 4 Guys In The World.
by god June 9, 2010
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Guy 4 is unknown, I dare you to try and find Guy 4 somewhere else than here
Guy 1 : Jesus do you see that donkey?
Guy 2 : That's a horse you idiot
Guy 3 : That's actually a mule you morons

Guy 4 : What the fuck. That's a giraffe you mental runt of the litter, good-for-nothing bowling ball brains.
by whyiseverythinginspanish February 13, 2022
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