(Alternatively called "Teenie boppers" or "Prostitots")

A stereotype of 15 to 17 year old teen high school girls who, like their pastry counter-part, are frosted, flaky, and covered with sprinkles, and generally naive.

They Exhibit traits such as:
not having any sense of reality, not understanding the value of money, are easily distracted by shinny objects, are incapable of understanding government/politics, often talk without pauses when explaining their day or excited about something, they tend to scream and jump about whenever a celeb/singer is within 200 feet of them. A severe lack of rational/logical thinking capability and a similar inability to operate a motor vehicle within safe means.....
"I hate going to the mall on Friday's, just hundreds of pop-tarts wandering around blabbing about Hanna Montana"

"She's a pop-tart alright"
by The All Knowing ShortBus July 09, 2009
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gay bunch of people that aint as hard as they seem
look at those people over there they a bunch of poptarts
by jays January 28, 2005
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pop one of those bad boys in the toaster or microwave..and BAM you got yourself a snack
poptarts come in chocolate, s'mores, strawberry, apple, blueberry, sprinkles on top etc...

too many to name.
by _bang October 30, 2005
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1. A female who will have sex with anyone to become more popular in their social network.

Origin of term:
Pop: Popular

Tart: a synonym for the word, "slut" or "whore"
Bob: dude, katie fucked the entire basketball team just to be mentioned at school.

Tom: sounds like the pop-tart i know.
by Jose McAllister June 12, 2010
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1) In my area, a poptart is a word to describe those who are bent on the new culture of music, Pop being the leading, closely followed by any R&B or Hip Hop artists. As in they only listen to their type of music and bash any other type of music they listen to. They tend to have no reguard for other types of music, and continue their violent rampage on making 'their' type of music the 'number one'.

2) A tasty snack that can be eatten in the morning.
1) Person number one: Hey! Have you checked out that System of a Down CD?
Poptart: No way! OMG! That music is like, so stupid! I only like MY music. Like Brittney Spears, and HILARY DUFF, and BLACK EYED PEAS! OMG!~ MY HUMPS!!!121!

2) Person number one: I ate poptarts this morning!
Person number two: No fair! I just had that nasty poisoned school lunch.
by Took December 26, 2005
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"pop" short for "popular" and "tart" meaning "whore". usually popular slutty girls.
"damn look at those pop tarts over there" -random person #1
"i know don't waste your time, they're all way too easy."
-random person #2
by raychelisrad December 18, 2008
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