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A term of great endearment and affection, used to describe in one word all the feelings of warmth, comfort, kindness, generosity, honesty and strength of character you feel everytime you are with that person.

A word not to be used lightly, but one that expresses great respect and admiration for those to whom it is directed.
'Trancey is a poppet'
by none October 01, 2004
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A person who gets the vaccine and and flaunts it will high end shopping, trips, and parties
Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
by M. Wolly March 23, 2021
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Chiefly British, meaning a darling.

A small child, a doll, a puppet.
She's such a darling, little poppet.
by Dave February 07, 2005
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A person of exceptional intelligence and looks. Who has come to realize the extreme predatory, deceptive and harmful nature of MLM's.

They probably had been involved in MLM'S themselves in the past. They have had an extreme awakening.
Susan used to promote miracle fat burning creams, but she has woken up and turned into a poppet.
by Mandie the Poppet April 01, 2020
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Two-inch tall figurines created by artist Lisa Snellings. White faced with pinpoint eyes, in red robe with a ruff, Poppets are an iconic representation of the universal child, viewing the world without context or assigned values, without prejudice.

Collected all over the world since 1996 and featured in art and animation. Inspiring stories by Neil Gaiman, Peter S. Beagle, Gene Wolfe and Larry Niven.
by poppetplanetgirl May 31, 2010
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