Standard greeting from an ugly pirate male to a beautiful non-pirate female. Some speculate it to be some form of ugly pirate mating call.
Elizabeth: *hides in closet*
Pintel: *peeks in closet one minute later* "ello poppet."
by End of Dishonor June 25, 2018
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a term used to greet friends in a fun kind of way, using a funny canadian accent is fun too...
after a while people will start to copy you and you will have to stop saying for a while, then you can start saying it again after it isnt as...annoyingly repeative...
"ello poppet! 'ow are you?"
by Lizzy February 24, 2005
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A term used to greet someone (a friend)(informal)
'Ello poppet
by Mr. U. Dictionary November 6, 2019
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What you say when you see jailbate, or what you say to a girl you're hitting on and you want her to know you think she looks hot (or like jailbate).
Example 1: Girl in a bar leaning over the jukebox with her yah-yahs hanging out, guy walks up, obviously looking at them "Ello Poppet." Then makes eye contact and smiles "Can I buy you a drink?"

Example 2: Pennywise the Clown, driving in a beater van notices the girls volleyball team waiting for a ride and flips a bitch. "Ello Poppet!"
by xgatemouthx July 11, 2008
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