to hit; to start a fight; the first punch thrown
I had to pop it off on this hoe for acting stupid.
Keep talkin shit and imma pop it off on yo ass.
by B-eEast January 22, 2007
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To throw something at someone without them noticing, and trying to hit them where it is embarrassing. For exanple, the face.
by JC April 9, 2005
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After drinking coffee in the evening, I can't fall asleep easily without popping one off.
by Bluthuf November 10, 2013
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"She was talking shit about you"
"yea well she can Pop me off"
by Under_The_Sea_123 October 4, 2013
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"Popping off" is a verb used when you're doing extremely well and or performing like a professional/better than anyone in your game. Can also be used when you're being accused of cheating in a video game because the sheer amount of god like skill you possess.
by ForeverPandering February 1, 2017
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