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When you are constipated to the point where your hard deer like shit pellets are compacted against your anus wall resulting in the formation of a hard, bumpy, phallic shaped demon that when expelled from your bowels after a few days of hibernation poop rapes you,resulting in a tearing and bleeding of your universal o ring and depending on the person sometimes a shameful arousal.
i was laid up in the hospital for a few days and was given so many opiates that after a few days of being unable to defecate i finally succumbed to taking a suppository which led to me ultimately being poop raped.
by otto outre February 09, 2017
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The same affects of being sexually offened in the anus hole.
When you take a huge shit that your ass feels like its on fire and you feel like you cannot walk the next day.
The feeling of stretched, shitted out organs.

Warm, painfull, feeling in anus.
"Hey Cuc, I just took a huge shit"
"Ohh, I know what that is its called being poop raped, it happens to me all the time."
"Yeah, I don't think I will be able to walk tomorrow"
"That happened to me too, Nick noticed"
by Ronda poooppppp December 30, 2005
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The act of sticking your penis into a hot steamy piece of freshly dropped excrement, must be well formed and freshly crapped. Not possible with diarrhea, may hurt your penis if tried.
I jizzed last night when I poop raped Justin,s turd.
by Justin Barbados November 21, 2013
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When you’re cranking out a honkin log in a public restroom and a stranger barges through the door like an absolute lunatic and goes to town on your virgin butthole.
I was at Gridiron last night taking a massive shit and got poop raped.
by PRGod December 08, 2018
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