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A bag of poop that Joe believed everyone wore.
Joe: Ok strip right down to the poop sack
Peter and James Woods are silent
Joe:What you dont wear a poop sack?
by gnet47 February 17, 2008
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a bag of poop hanging from one's anus to catch poop as it uncontrolably spews out
my cat craps like crazy, he needs a poop sack
by ap April 15, 2004
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A sack of poop.

Something you say out of frustration. "Wow what a Poopsack!"

Jaden Scott is a huge poopsack.
Kids in my class are poopsacks
by qwertyisabella April 29, 2011
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A Tyler Lashley; having to do with Tyler Lashley; another name for Tyler Lashley; a word to be said when something unfortunate has occured; an adult diaper.
Tyler Lashley hits a clump of dirt out of Adam Tashman's hand and it hits Mr. Krall.

"Aw, poopsack!" exclaims Adam.
by aj;sldkfja;ls a;sldkfj;sdjf;la October 19, 2010
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a sack, that will retain your feces until you have access to a toilet

derived from: slid into first base, after having water splashed on his hind parts, he eventually got sand on his that resembled the essence of poop (has no relation to actual definition)
One day I was on the beach and I had no where to go to the bathroon, so i utlized my poopsack, until i had a toilet to shit in.
by Mike+Mike+Steve+Ryan October 03, 2004
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A sack of poop that retarded people use when they cant poop correctly and make them look like their potty trained so they dont need a diaper.
Did you see Malford?
Ya his poop-sack is full man
by I love poopsacks June 19, 2011
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