Scatophilical. Any sexual act involving faeces.
Wanna engage in some poo-play?
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
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Used when the situation is incredibly epic, but not quite poggers. For example you might say that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was an "Epic Poo Play" because of the loud boom that the reactor caused.

It can also be used in Xbox Live parties when playing Call of Duty. Dying to your own grenade is a perfect example of an Epic Poo Play.

Also, an Epic Poo Play can be used in a sarcastic context. For example, when your Dad leaves home and doesn't return, although the situation is negative, this is also an Epic Poo Play.

The phrase "Epic Poo Play" is one of the most diverse phrases in the English language. With Morgan Langdon being the original owner of the word and having the first Epic Poo Play gamer tag on Xbox Live.
*Walks down the stairs to see parents watching the news*

Son - "Dad, have you seen the conflict between Israel and Palestine."

Dad - "Yeah mate, it's a bit of an Epic Poo Play isn't it?"
by EpicPooPlay May 24, 2021
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A play made in year 3 by Chloe and Amy consisting of acting as keeley pooing significantly loud.
Would you like so see the keeley poo play?

Of course I do!
by Princeouma February 25, 2021
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boy 1: whats that smell?

girl 1: its Ella poo playing over there.
by grdrgdgrdgr October 31, 2022
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