A large bean found in your dim-sum.
<One> There seems to be poo in my dim-sum
<Two> No, it bean! Bean!
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 01, 2003
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1) wack ; no fun. Boring.

2) stupid
Man, you poo.

Im goin back home cuz this party poo.
by Babiidoll^_^ April 01, 2006
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Pronounced like poo with a hiss at the end

NOUN- a combination of poo and piss
John- I have to use the bathroom. I'm going to take a fat poos.

Ericka- What's that? Is it number one, or number two?

John- Yes.
by ~URBANDICTIONARY~ May 06, 2011
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Lauren: 'im gonna be political and say big fat stinkin' turds'
Pookie: 'stankin' i reckon'
by <wHaTsErNaMe> September 22, 2007
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a poo is a very large, fat, hairy, lumpy, shit which may not want to come out of its cave.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM granny you make the greatist poo pie!"
"can I poo in your face?"
"oh mum, your poo is amazing, is your ass still there?"
"David, are your poos green?"
"john you bring the poo i'll bring the hammer"(hint,hint)
"Can we exchange poos?"
"I want to explore your poo"
by John Ham July 31, 2006
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Another frikkin word for feces, shit, filth, etc. Poop smells very bad, like you. Bitch.
My poo is big; so big in fact, that I ate it. It was very tasty. Tasty, tasty poop . . .
by jaced mascoli December 28, 2007
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