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when you fuck someone or something so hard up the ass theire shit goes into your dick and when you go to piss for the first time after sex you piss it out. . it hurts lol
man i fucked her so hard i had a poo noodle that cloged the tiolet.
by gratedane October 20, 2008
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after sucessfully having anal sex, a string of poo is left in the pee hole
"dude, last night sucked, i got poonoodled by your sister"
by nate stahl November 27, 2006
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deficating in someones pillow. the owner of the pillow unkowingly rests their head against the pillow thereby recieveing a facefull of poo noodles
Keith layed down for the night not knowing that greg had been their earlier, POO NOODLES
by noodles of fun January 04, 2009
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