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term for anyone who, on purpose, chooses to live in the Poconos, and over time experiences a "pocono mind dump", thereby losing all mental function and common sense.
Watchout for route 209 on a sunday, it is crawlin with Poconuts.
by amy April 04, 2003
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physical contact with one's testicles by one's own or another's appendage, typically the hand. In certain contexts the appendage doing the touching could be represented by an elbow, a knee, a foot or even a fist. A "bare", "hairy" or "cracked" poconut implies skin on skin contact, while a "poconut on the tree" or "poconut with leaves" indicates indirect contact as when an intervening article of clothing or fabric shields the target testicle(s) from otherwise receiving a direct physical contact (si.e. kin on skin) from the touching appendage.
1. Joe: That TSA guy was a little bit too friendly. He gave me a couple of poconuts.

Bob: Oh man, were they hairy?

Joe: Nah, they were on the tree and still had leaves, but I think he would've cracked one open if I had gone to the private screening area with him.

2. Ken had a date with Barbie last night. I knew she liked candy and all, but apparently she played the Easter Bunny and gave him some serious poconut belly jean action.
by phaeidaeux February 07, 2013
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