The cool way to refer to the police. When you're cocked off your ass in the car driving 40 mph over the speed limit with a 20g bag past curfew with a broken taillight, and someone says "hey look guise its the popo" suddenly the situation no longer seems dangerous and the posibility of getting pulled over becomes non-eixistent.

Dan: FUCK!

Bob: hahahah the po po.. hahahhaha
Dan: hahhahhhah hey dude let's race that mustang!!
by trallalalala January 18, 2012
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the hymn of the greatest soccer team in the world( ITALY )
After the Italians defeated the French in the World Cup the crowd screamed " po po po po po pooo pooo!!!!!!"
by Dan the eye talian man June 18, 2008
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the police

originated in california where bycycle mounted cops travel around in sets of two. they wear vests with giant POs written on them. thus the name po-po originated
by senile q May 25, 2005
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My boy Nee-Nee got picked up by the po-po, he had a warrant for unpaid tickets and we trying to get err'body to pitch in for bail.
by faprowsdower October 05, 2015
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the cops. if you hear some one yell the po-po's comein RUN!!!!!
by biscuit bega December 31, 2005
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Stands for the Police

Everyone hates the cops until someone steals your car see would Jesus microwave a burrito?
pothead 1:"Man, the po po be a bunch a losers"
pothead 2:"Dude, someones stealing your car!"
pothead 1:"Shit man, call the police!"
by USSR December 11, 2003
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The police. You usually say this when running from the police.
Oh shit! The po pos are after me!
by iAculate May 26, 2009
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