when a man bends over and his butt crack hangs out
look at dad he has plumbers butt
by boomer2 July 29, 2003
a fat squished butt crack shown when someone is bent over or sitting down with their shirt a little over the area
person 1: *sitting quietly in class*
*TROLL FACE!!**taps his friends shoulder*
person 2: OH BABY JESUS!!MY EYES!!
plumbers butt: *puts shirts down*
by el ingeniero May 16, 2013
A male who engages in the practice of inserting his penis into the anal cavity of another of the same sex.
Sir Elton John is a butt plumber.
by Larryfun August 11, 2005
When your making out with a girl you throw her on the ground and ram a plunger into her ass
That bitch is tired? Ima go butt plumber on her.
by masta d March 6, 2003
Whenever you see a man or woman, (typically a man in his round weight probably like 200's), who deny too wear belts in public, their pants ever so gently slip down to reveal their ass crack. This is commonly referred to plumbers, who have it happen naturally whilst working on pipes. Its a mystery how their booties keep escaping the fiber confinement that is jeans.
Man 1: "Aye didya get that wrench for me?"
Man 2: "Nah, i was starin at ya ass, i think you got plumber-butt syndrome. You really gotta buy a belt."
Man 1: "Maybe i gotta buy you a pair of glasses."
by smöls November 6, 2022