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This came up from a game of jackbox, and i thought it was hilarious, so its a real word now. It is a smidge crude/a swear intended and implying that the music smelled it and dealt it all in one foul blow of its assophone.
The "Assophone", or ass music, is when a song or instrument being played is so ass, that it sounds like it came out of and was played by their ass. Normally, you wouldn't say it very often, but when you do, you know that song was ass, and should never be heard ever again by sane mortal ears.
Bro 1: "Dude-bro, check out my new tunes! Pass me the aux."
Really bad music
Bro 2: "Bro that music was a fucking assophone, dont EVER play that ever again."
by smöls March 4, 2022
An emotion, so subtle but strong, you just have this itchy feeling on your insides and subconscious preventing you from comprehending situations, homework, and socializing or focusing.

Until someone itches their itchy feeling, they will continue to seek out ways to stop it, like confronting the issue head on, or coping with their favorite thing so they are distracted and it goes away.

This can also be called a "grudge", but not in a violent way, its just a little itch.
Uncommonly, it often happens for people when discussing/watching bugs, a certain smell or feeling, and overall something someone said that made you just so itchy.

It can also be used in an excited context, like being itching to get something done, and its just making you itchy! Go scratch that itch, i believe in you!
Some sort of controversial post
Bro Uno: "Ugh! Ugh, just, ugh."
Bro Dos: "Hey, whats wrong? You seem really mad."
Bro Uno: "I'm just.. I don't know im, this post made me super itchy, it isnt enough to make me angry but how else am i supposed feel about it?"
Bro Dos: "I dont know, just report it i guess."

Example 2:
Bro Uno: "Can't wait to go on that vacation man!"
Bro Dos: "I know right? I'm itching and raring to go! Everything seems packed and ready."
Bro Uno: "Sure hope the weather agrees with our plans."
by smöls March 4, 2022
Whenever you see a man or woman, (typically a man in his round weight probably like 200's), who deny too wear belts in public, their pants ever so gently slip down to reveal their ass crack. This is commonly referred to plumbers, who have it happen naturally whilst working on pipes. Its a mystery how their booties keep escaping the fiber confinement that is jeans.
Man 1: "Aye didya get that wrench for me?"
Man 2: "Nah, i was starin at ya ass, i think you got plumber-butt syndrome. You really gotta buy a belt."
Man 1: "Maybe i gotta buy you a pair of glasses."
by smöls November 6, 2022