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When the plug walks outside or to a specific location to sell drugs.
Friend of Rich the Kid: "Yo you wanna go get some grass?" Rich the Kid: "Yeah. But it's 50k for a plug walk."
by Aholyb May 06, 2018
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Is an Anual 5k race in Jamaica where the participants have to insert a butt plug at the start of the race and have to run/walk for a charity of their choice. All proceeds will be given to that charity, along with a box of butt plugs for regulating constipation
I was so excited to participate in this years plug walk! All proceeds are going to fight HIV/AIDs
by THIS GUY69 July 31, 2018
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Verb: a dance done to the song Plug Walk by Rich the Kid. May refer to the way a plug (drug supplier) moves with swagger.
Ayee go ahead and hit that plug walk for the gram
by Just An Average Gorl June 01, 2018
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A style of walking that gives off a confident yet intimidating vibe. A gangster style of walking. Often associated with a thugs, gangsters, or Mafiosos style of walking.
My mans here has a plug walk.

Pimp named slick back has a plug walk.

Yo ! Check out his plugwalk.
by BadgerMilk730 June 02, 2018
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A shit walk. When u need to shit so u hold ur hand against ur bootyhole.
That man is doing a plugwalk to the bathroom
by Stoneydestroyer March 13, 2018
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When participating in a drug deal, instead of paying the dealer with money, instead you stick your big toe up their ass
dude i bought weed from jimmy and instead of making me pay him he just made me plug walk him
by egg enthusiast June 11, 2018
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literally james the plug walk is when you put in the effort to unplug you plug and take it for a walk idc

plug walk: taking a plug ( most likely a phone charger ) for a walk maybe around the block or around your house
idiot: what are you dragging

you: a plug
idiot: why?
you: because plugs need walks it’s called a plug walk
by cheeto wizard June 14, 2018
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