The term Plug and Play is most associated with Microsoft, who started using it in reference to their Windows 95 product. Other operating systems (OSs), such as Mac OS, had already supported such features for some time (under various names), but the term gradually became universal over time. At the time of its initial offering by Microsoft, it was criticized by some as not being "proven" technology, which did not always work as it should. Detractors at the time of the earliest offering spoofed the functionality as "plug and pray" because "one never knew if in fact the thing would work."
"I sure hope this new wireless mouse works. I guess I'll just plug and pray"
by toniwithaneye October 14, 2006
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what U do when adding used hardware to you pc
Used hardware pc card ( ok when pulled ) Ya right! this was plug-n-pray time! Power UP! smoke in face. plug-n-play hoop-n-hollern.
by itichie_nocanpo July 2, 2006
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Unlike the plug n' chug when a mathematician puts logical numbers into an equation. With the plug n' pray, mathamatician plug numbers into the equation and prays that there right.
-note mostly used by students failing a math course.
"dude I know i aced that math test i used the plug n' pray method."
by T-man2damax December 9, 2008
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