Shagging, fucking.
As used in some of frank zappas music
I was plooking all night long.
Ah,, you plooked me so hard.
by mikulas September 10, 2006
when you throw up and poop at the same time.
i was soo drunk last night i was plooking all over!
by torra borra May 19, 2004
To engage in nonorthogenital forms of sexual penetration lending themselves to consecutive reciprocity between partners.
This is exciting
I never plooked
A tiny chrome-plated machine
That looks like a magical pig
With marital aids stuck all over it
Such as yourself before
You'll love it!
Its a way of life.
Does that mean maybe later
You'll plook me....
Frank Zappa, Joe's Garage
by Michael Zeleny February 12, 2004
The equivalent to "fuck" as dubbed by Frank Zappa.
"These executives have plooked the fuck out of me."
From the song "Outside Now." on the album "Joe's Garage."
by Joe Harris April 2, 2007
Jacob "Are ya'll going to plook tonight?"
John "Yeah, bro we're plooking tonight!"
by freeny March 4, 2012
Lookit the size ae that plook
by Violator January 20, 2005
calling a canadian a "plook" is like calling a black person a "nigger"
"fuckin plook!"
by mike May 6, 2004