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Andrew Tate, aka Cobra Tate, aka Mr. Producer. The Top G is a multimillionaire and a former kickboxing champion. He has a collection of about 15 supercars, that includes cars like: Rolls Royce Wraith, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 812 Superfast, McLaren 765LT, Porsche GT Street, Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder and many many more.
-Bro the Top G was in town yesterday.
-The Top who?

-The Top G bruf, Andrew Tate himself.
-Never heard of him.

-Yeah that's because you're broke. Btw what color is your bugatti?
by Violator August 9, 2022
The cute term reference for the female vagina
I stuck my fingers in my nahnee.
by Violator January 31, 2005
Lookit the size ae that plook
by Violator January 20, 2005