ploitical (a discussion or debate wish is ploitic by nature)


activities associated with the debate and discourse concerning the organizing and managing of the community and all community functions and activities forwarding the rights and interests of the social group from a social and not political standpoint.
the debate and discourse concerning the organizing and managing of all social movements within the community is ploitics
by Baron Neville May 31, 2017
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is a social movement, uprising or revolt by the common class against the arbitrary powers and authority of political and economic elitist status-quo. Championing the cause for the revision of the institution of state from an entity of political and corporate bureaucracy, into an association of social idealism and ploitics.
new reactionary socialism champions the cause for a worldwide a ploitical revolution.
by Baron Neville July 12, 2017
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is a form of government or state apparatus, which is an idealogical social Association as opposed to the more traditional political and economic (ideological) institutions. Within the frame work of ploitical socialism although the economic element is present, it, however, holds only but an incidental and therefore minor value within the state composition. In ploitical socialism, the economy is viewed as simply a means the essential sustainability of society, and not as it is the case with the economic state or economic society, a means for materialistic attainability or procurement.
ploitical socialism by definition constitutes what is new reactionary socialism.
by Baron Neville July 16, 2017
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