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A nigga who has no potential of being real. A nigga who bends for a female, or any being at the snap of a finger. A nigga who cannot control their emotions, nor control his soft nigga actions. A nigga who pays for pussy. A nigga who CANNOT live without attention.
That soft ass nigga always doing the most , & his girl on MY dick
by That_Real_nigga May 08, 2014
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A soft ass nigga is a nigga that acts like a bitch in the relationship. He always complaining about something and can't even hold his own without a female supporting him. This is man(boy) cannot be independent for his life and insist on blaming every one but himself.
" if Chealse don't dump that soft ass nigga and get her a real man we gonna have problems.
by Simba_girl May 30, 2018
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