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A answer, or attack to a verbal attack in rl (real life) or on the interweb, usually informing someone they are nothing and never will be and should probably just die to help with everyones mental state and dont have to deal with their bullshit any longer.
Wow, _______ your really fucking annoying, please die
by Kra$y Life April 06, 2017
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A response for when your friends decide to make a sad, tasteless joke, bring up a touchy memory, or just do some weird, pointless shit, that makes one question as to why a bus has not proceeded to hit them yet.
Person one: Do you want to hear a joke?
Person two: Uh, sure?
Person one: Why did the banana go to the doctor?
Person two: ...
Person one: Because he wasn't peeling well!
Person two: Please die...
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by FuckAllOfYou... April 22, 2017
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