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this isn't a joke my captor forgot to block urban dictionary this is my only escape I am being held in the basement of 308 negra arroyo lane albuquerque new mexico 87104
Joe: "Hey Jerry, how are you doing today?"
Jerry: "I'm literally going to die please call 911 please man i'm fucking"
Joe: "Great to hear!"
by Yeet-Fa-Feet September 16, 2022
The beginning of a retard
Hey remember your birth? - Guy 1

Jim? Please don’t be just another one of my hallucinations- Guy 1
by Yeet-Fa-Feet September 21, 2019
Dude you just misspelled fuck, what is wrong with you? Chances are either the phone you’re using didn’t make the K, or you are a 6 year old typing in a curse word because it’s funny. Hey here is a word you should study: Your birth because if your parents are that stupid they would have died when they were 7 because they wondered what would happen if they jumped down the stairs and dying, thus resulting in you not existing.
what the fuk is wrong with you?!? You slept with my wife??? How could you!!!- Guy 1

Did you just misspell fuck? dude how do you even do that if we are talking; no wonder she was fine with cheating on you- Guy 2
by Yeet-Fa-Feet September 21, 2019