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not a wasteland, not full of teepees, but rather a city in the center of new mexico; most residents spend their whole childhood wanting to get out of here, but the minute they leave they all want to go back; residents of this city understand that they do not sell newspapers at the newstand and you cant go skating at the ice house, only know directions because of the mountains and volcanos, know where to get a breakfast burrito at 2 in the morning, know what "Christmas" at a restaurant means, understand that there is probably the largest wealth gap in the world here, and think that anyone who lives in rio rancho has problems
Albuquerque is home to the UNM Lobos
by appleturkey February 07, 2005
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The place at which you should have taken that left turn.
Bugs Bunny: Hmm, I knew I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque!
by respectthebunny February 11, 2010
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A homogenous, humble city in central New Mexico. Surrounded by burbs (Los Lunas, Rio Rancho) which makes the city span the length of the moon. The people live in their own world, a New Mexican reality. There's not a lot of diversity, families have been there for generations, which makes it a beautiful place for people rooted in their communities. There is a problem with drugs and gangs and lack of quality education, but overall there are a lot of charming qualities unlike any other city. It's authenticity stems from the unique cuisine, beautiful weather, incomparable accents, and 505 pride.
Albuquerque is not just balloons, chile, and the war zone. Get a life, appreciate the silver linings.
by Burquena March 22, 2013
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(AL-bah-KIRK-ee), from the Latin: Absconditus : meaning hidden, concealed.

Located perfectly in the middle of the surface of the planet, Albuquerque has been refered to as the Shangri La of the western hemisphere. Visitors to the Duke City are astonished to discover that it is in the continental United States and no passport is required. It's residents are ferociously kind and loving, and have developed more that 500 different ways to cook green chili. After the world wide destruction of 2012, Albuquerque was elected capitol city of the new world. A jewel of the desert.
Duke City, Shangri La, 2012, green chili, Albuquerque
by v00d00whoknew? July 04, 2009
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Albuquerque not only one of the best places in NM but one of the best cities in America, beautiful full of diversity and culture and a wonderful population of proud surprisingly intelligent, welcoming people , other than the crappy gangs that flood this area and influence the poorer populations ,but no worse than most larger cities here in America. Some of the best weather in the USA, with cool nights and mildly hot days. Some of the best site seeing and literally a mile high+ city , set next to the Beautiful Sandia moutains, with one of the only wild larger river known as the infamous Rio Grand, which is beautiful up north where Burque (Albuqerque) is located. The worst of Albuquerque such as the education system,and violence is being eradicated,and or fixed rapidly. Ive live in Memphis, LA, ST Louis,Little Rock, and Denver, which all fall short of the qualities of Albuquerque and contains all the "shitty" qualities. for instance BAD WEATHER,huge ghettos. weather in Denver and occasionally LA are fine but are still terrible compared to ALB .The south valley has a home/cozy feel that contains "white hispanic" people as well as "native American hispanic", but for the most part is mixed between the two the rest of the city also has a big "anglo white" , and Native American population the area is NOT a place where u have to take race in consideration,, like most of ALB racism doesn't exist,,, the huge migration from the rest of the USA brings racism buts dies off eventually.
albuquerque is a beautifiul place mountains
by espanajohn June 01, 2013
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