6 definitions by strummedonny

"Do you see that worthless scum over there?"
"Yeah, that's a ginger kid!"
by strummedonny May 23, 2018
"strum my strings and let me soak in a bucket of marinade"
"strum me sauce hoe i want your saucy milk inside of my ivories"
by strummedonny December 22, 2017
Donny is someone who you just want to slather in a thicc coat of marinade. When you see his extravagant handlebar mustache, you'll think, "that needs to be topped off with some lawry's herb and garlic marinade with lemon juice."

But be careful, if you try and marinade him too much, he might escape from his shackles while you're washing dishes and tip toe out of the house, and you'll have to chase him with a butterfly net.

Get yourself a Donny- they're your best friend. When you go on a picnic, they'll definitely not forget the marinade for your marinade. And of course, he can make the best home-cooked marinated marinade.
"Wow! This marinated marinade is so delicious, Donny, I hope we get married so we can marinade together!!!!!!!"
by strummedonny April 24, 2018
The biggest one in the swamp.

Instantly makes you so moist that you can't even handle it.
As soon as that slimy tentacle reaches your throat, you'll go into cardiac arrest from it's extreme length.
If you are looking for some good dick, ask Shrek.
"Have you had a dick appointment lately?"
"Yeah, it was Shrek's Dick!"
by strummedonny May 23, 2018