Inspired by the movie “Rat Race”, this is used when someone is doing something they shouldn’t do.
Kyle: i’m making uncarbonated soda
Me: you can’t play hitler’s harmonica!
by harmonica March 30, 2021
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To entertain by blowing the incredibly popular folk instrument that, characteristically, has two lip plates enclosing a long fipple, two holes - but only one ever fingered - and a wail switch. Skilled players use lip, tongue and mouth movements to create ecstatic music out of some lucky woman. (NB - in most countries you must be a least 16 years of age to play.)
"I have a young music student that has requested I show her how I go about 'playing the hairy harmonica'. Although I am a Professor of Music and expert flautist I am unfamiliar with this exact instrument. Can someone offer advice?"
"Yeah, bud - hold your breath in the wind section."
by Gabbro June 23, 2018
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when you drop a wafer, so you blow on it to make sure it has no germs.
"oh no, your wafer!"
"ahh it's ok, let me just play the harmonica"
by deak larjé March 30, 2022
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