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The speech that comes about 6 months into a dating relationship, where the woman (usually) asks if the relationship will be leading to marriage, and if it isn't, let her find a less commitment phobic suitor. Very similar to a star athlete who is riding the bench asking his manager to "Play me here or trade me to a team that will."
"How are things going with the new girl??"

"Not good, she gave me the Play me or Trade me speech last weekend..."

"After two months of dating?? That is harsh.."
by IrishMike February 22, 2008
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The ass and overall body that every girl over the age of 30 aspires to. What they looked like in high school when they exercised every day, didn't drink or smoke, and rocked the size 2 jeans.
Did you see Sharon last night? She is working with a trainer, hit the Atkins diet, and looks like she has regained her high school ass again!
by IrishMike February 24, 2008
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An explanation for unusual behavior, ie forgetting appointments, falling asleep in the middle of the day, lack of energy. Stopping prescribed medication can lead to strange changes in behavior...
Hey, where were you this morning??

Sorry, stopped taking the ritalin last week and I can never seem to wake up; I am a different guy Off my Meds
by IrishMike February 22, 2008
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to man up, to make a heroic effort, a reference to weightlifters and gymnasts putting chalk on their hands before sticking the landing, lifting 900 lbs., to win a gold medal
I know you are really hung over, but you need to chalk up and hit this party with me.
by IrishMike March 11, 2009
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This would be a man or woman, (usually a woman), who is very attractive while sitting down at a table, but when they get up they reveal an ass the size of Cleveland...
"What do you think of that girl over there with Cindy?"

"Total Table Fox; she got up to go to the bathroom and knocked over two tables"

"Too bad, great from the waist up"
by IrishMike February 28, 2008
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Any type of sunny weather that would attract visitors to your city. In Atlanta, that means 65 degrees and sunny on a Saturday in February.
We had a client team come in from Detroit on Friday, and due to the Chamber of Commerce weather, they just wanted to go to Park Tavern and drink all afternoon.
by IrishMike February 19, 2008
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