1. pretend to be dead

2. to pretend to be vulnerable to avoid or entrap someone or something

(from a the fact that the Virgina opossum reacts to threats by feigning death)
He tried to play possum, but he couldn't fool me.
by The Return of Light Joker November 28, 2010
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To fool someone into believing something that is not true. To fake.
Girl 1: I didn't want to talk to that triflin' ho, so I pretended I was asleep and she went away.
Girl 2: Nice! Way to play possum on her ass!
by LaStefondaniqua April 26, 2007
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a possum will often act dead when faced with a situation it doesn't want to deal with.

Playing possum, when someone comes to your house that you don't want to talk to, so you act like your not home.
Joe "Hey greg said he dropped over your place earlier, weren't you home?"

Darren "I was home, just didn't want to talk to him so I was playing possum!"
by levin_rc July 18, 2009
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Playing Possum or To Play Possum is to pretend as if you are asleep or dead.
"When ever my parents come to my room to check on me late at night I'm usually playing possum."
by MiniMillyMonster March 5, 2015
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When your traveling with a group of guys, all sharing a room. Only a couple of the guys are able to bring home some drunken hotties. When they get back to the room, the rest of the guys "play possum" and pretend to be asleep. When the girls are naked and getting in to it, the possum's come to life!!
"Six of us were down in Miami and Bob and Jim brought home these drunk girls. We were playing possum for about 20 minutes, but the possums woke up and got in on the action"
by Jason Bates February 6, 2009
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When someone fakes their own hanging auto erotic asphyxiation death in order to have a paramedic or medical examiner come and pick up their body. At which point said person would ejaculate on paramedic/medical examiners face
**** you're laying on the floor with a belt around your neck still attached to the broken shower curtain with you pants around your ankles, hard as a penguins dick in a blizzard "****

-Enters Paramedic/ Medical Examiner, kneels down close-

"How long has he been laying ther......(hot load is shoots directly across her face) JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!! CALL THE COPS, THIS SHIT HEAD IS PLAYING POSSUM!!!!"
by Chris with a K August 21, 2021
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When you take someone home but then come to your senses, so you 'play possum' so to avoid having to deal with their presence.
Friends: omg, I can't believe you took him home last night

Betty: Don't worry, I just ended up playing possum - phew!
by Taffgirl55 October 25, 2015
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