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owning layland at everything that i do. i own at everything because i play for keeps. it has nothing to do with "keeping your pride" because when you go big like i, you never lose it, so you dont have to fight to keep it. i go for the TD all the time with my brother T.O. after the interception from my cousin Pacman, who is currently making it rain on some bitches at the club. thats enough for now, im out. peace.
i play for keeps at lonnies with my homeboy DonQuatous and own the scumbag named leland
by JaQuavian May 05, 2008
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A new pop punk/rock/alternative band straight out of sin city (Las Vegas) known for the phenomenal vocal stylings of Cameron Dettman the amazing bass talents of Brian Jones the ripping guitar of Jace Stagg and the Outrageous druming by none other than Chris Bryant. Just finishing their long awaited EP and Heading out for tour on the west coast with another new pop punk band called the chase.
This band is most definitely something to follow
Did you see Play for Keeps in Las Vegas? They totally killed it.
Dude, Play for Keeps is the greatest band ever.
Hey, Have you seen Chris Bryant from Play for Keeps? Hes way hott!
by Iplayforkeeps<3 June 18, 2009
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